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Lamp shade makeover

16 Nov

I have recently been doing crafts for myself and doing projects that I have long wanted to do. Making things for other people is lovely, but it’s nice once in a while to be able to make something pretty and be able to keep it for a change!  I brought these two fat quarters from The Eternal Maker earlier in the year and knew that I wanted to use them for something for myself , and when the latest issue of Mollie Makes landed on my doormat it gave me the perfect idea!

The article ‘Queens Of Granny Chic’ attracted me instantly and I hope to buy the book it is based on very soon! (Granny Chic-by Tif Fussell and Rachelle Blondel ) One project in the book is how to cover and make a patchwork lamp shade. I wasn’t quite brave enough to make a patchwork shade, so decided to simply use the two fabrics for a panelled effect.

The lamp stand itself is straight from my parents 70’s living room and I love it, the shade though was slightly less inspiring so I couldn’t wait to bring it back to life.

I ripped off the old dusty and tired fabric and used the frame to turn it from this:

Into This!:

I used the old cover as a template and sewed the pieces together with the machine. It is an almost perfect fit ( not bad for a first attempt!) I then hand stitched the top and bottom seams to the frame itself which holds it in place nicely and helps to define the shape.  I’m thinking about maybe adding a tassel or pompom trim to the bottom. Would love to know what you think? x


Delicious Decopatch

12 Nov

I have always wanted to try my hand at the wonderful art of Decopatch, but have always been a bit dubious about attacking pieces of furniture with glue and paper, fearing the worst would happen. Alas recently I went round a friends house for a cheese and wine night (we like to pretend we are sophisticated from time to time…)and she had decopatched a variety of items of furniture around her house and it looked wonderful! The items simply ignited the room and made it a joy of colours and vibrance, bringing the whole room to life. It gave me the push I needed!

A trip to Hobbycraft later ( I had some left over gift vouchers. Yays!) and I was set to attack my old donated coffee table that had seen better days.

It started life as this:

And it now looks like this 🙂 :

I am so happy with the result. The table has been given a new lease of life and I love it all over again.Now I can’t bare to put anything on it, it’s just too pretty! Along with the gorgeous green and pink Decopatch paper, I brought a lovely bright pink rose covered print, the initial plan being to cover the lower shelf of the table with it, but after second thoughts I wasn’t sure it needed it. Instead I used the paper to turn my dressing table mirror from this:

Into This! :

I am absolutely in love with this craft now, it is sooo simple and very therapeutic  I now can’t look at any surface of my house without thinking about what it would look like decopatched! I NEED HELP!

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